Adventure Cycling the Pacific Coast Highway

I’ll be bike-packing the Pacific Coast Highway from Washington to California for the next month. I can’t wait to share more details once I’ve arrived safely at my destination!

I have no idea what to expect, and I am 100% winging it (no previous training). I’m dropping a list of my “materials” for the trip below, with links.

  • Road Bike Fuji 3.0
  • Camelback Water Sack (I should’ve invested in 2 Nalgene bottles instead)
  • Phone Mount Bag (a must have)
  • Patch Kit (a must have)
  • Bike multitool (a must have)
  • Extra Tires (a must have)
  • Bike Lock (could’ve done without it)
  • Tire Levers (a must have)
  • Safety Vest (a must have)
  • Panniers (I should’ve invested in better panniers)
  • Pannier Rack
  • Cardboard Bike Box ($15 from FedEx)
  • Bike Lights (Red) (a must have, but don’t buy rechargeable lights)
  • 2 person backcountry camping tent (I should’ve invested in a 1 person tent)
  • Sleeping Bag & Sleeping Pad (I should’ve also brought a pillow)

I’ll also drop my packing list:

  • 3 pairs of underwear
  • 2 athletic shirts
  • sneakers
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • 1 jacket
  • 1 rain jacket & 1 rain pants
  • 2 pairs of bike shorts
  • 1 pair of jean shorts
  • 2 sports bras
  • 1 pair of pj’s
  • 1 cotton t-shirt
  • toiletries & first aid kit
  • kindle
  • phone charger

***UPDATE: I’ve since finished the trip, and would recommend that you also pack-

  • Vaseline
  • Extra Sunscreen
  • Extra Advil
  • Sleeping Bag Liner
  • Pillow
  • Only pack one jacket and one pair of pants (I had to send cold weather clothes home)
  • Cycling shoes
  • Extra bike shorts
  • A rain cover for your bike
  • Mace/Knife

I found that what I brought was sufficient, although I would trade out the bike lock for chain oil. If I go on a longer trip in the future I’ll probably invest in a proper touring bike, but it wasn’t necessary for this experience.

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