Arrival at SeaTac Airport

Unpacking the Bike

I won’t lie— it was a huge hassle getting the bike into a box. I had to remove both tires and the pedals. I managed to shove everything into a 54” x 8”x 24” bike box that I bought from FedEx ($15). I wrapped the different bike parts with old Amazon cardboard boxes and bubble wrap, but clearly that didn’t matter because the box arrived at the SeaTac Airport with a huge tear on its side.

I then reassembled the bike using a bike tool and peddle wrench before taking it on the Light Rail to Velo Bike Shop off of Westlake Station. I left it there for a much needed tune up, and they had it back to me in a week.

I didn’t have a time crunch because I was staying in Arlington with friends for multiple weeks. Before arriving to Seattle, I had already anticipated that the shop would return the bike to me in about 3 weeks. I was pleasantly surprised when it only took a week! My friend took me to grab the bike before my trip, and then I was off to Whidbey Island.

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