Day 3 & 4: Sequim and Agnew

I started out day 3 in downtown Sequim at the Rainshadow Cafe for a delicious cold chai. I sat with a couple from the area, and we had a long chat about my journey and their lives. The husband used to be a merchant and sailed frequently with his company until he was kidnapped and held for ransom in Colombia. Coincidentally, he was kidnapped on the same sailing route that I took a few years back when I was living in Panama. His wife had just finished a tour in Japan performing as a professional ballerina, and now they’re looking to open an AirBnB along the Olympic Discovery Trail. Meeting them was a great way to start the morning, and they also gave me some tips and recommendations for traveling the highway on my journey south.

The people of Washington (Washingtonians?) have been friendly and generally concerned for my safety. I view this as a positive.

Later in the evening, I ended up in Agnew (rural Sequim?) eating dinner with a (quarantined) group of people. I stayed at a friend’s house (Beth Ann’s).

On day 4, I hung out in Sequim and attended an unexpected (and very theatrical) pretend funeral for Beth Ann’s neighbor. Beth Ann and I are off to Forks tomorrow!

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