Day 7: Lake Quinault to Artic RV Park

Today was especially brutal for the heat, hills, and sore legs. The view wasn’t spectacular but rather foggy with lots of traffic and logging trucks. I was constantly cold, then extremely hot, then cold. I got a coffee to warm my hands up once we made it out of the forest and into a town.

The biggest highlight of the day was when we stopped in Aberdeen and had a pizza and then strapped the leftovers to the back of the bike. Aberdeen was rough and we tried to avoid the highway by following Google Maps which ultimately just led us through a neighborhood of drug houses so… don’t follow Google Maps! Aberdeen is rough and this is especially daunting on a bike; you’re vulnerable to everything around you.

We booked it out of there and finally arrived at Arctic RV Park after a big hill with little shoulder where drivers were unnecessarily aggressive. We shared a camping space with our European friends and got an ice cream (sundae and root beer float) to end the day on a sweeter note. Although today’s ride was a bit tougher, I enjoyed every little town we passed through, especially Hoquiam.

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