Day 8: Artic RV Park to Astoria

Arriving in Astoria!

I LOVED THIS DAY. We passed through so many lovely small coastal towns and even had access to a paved bike path for part of the way. The view changes from forest to estuary/ocean with the rolling hills, and the shoulder is wide with controlled traffic so you can actually enjoy the view. It’s cold and hilly in the forest, but the coast welcomes you with a nice breeze and warm sun.

It was an enjoyable ride, and we even got a lift for some of it (5 miles?) by construction workers because of construction on the 101. My food highlight for the day was stopping at a coffee stand and getting a bagel and a hot coffee to warm up. (I’d been looking for a bagel for so many days, but I guess bagels aren’t a breakfast staple in the PNW).

I really regretted mailing home all of my warm weather gear in Sequim (gloves, hat, and coat) but it warmed up on the coast quickly. We hitched a ride over the Astoria bridge (I had never planned on biking it in the first place, but our European friends did) and grabbed ice cream in Astoria. I said goodbye to my friend from Sequim because her adventure ended in Astoria, and I headed onwards to Cannon Beach where I met up with Ruth and Rob.

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