Day 12: Pacific City to Newport (Thousand Trails)

There were another couple of big climbs from Pacific City to Newport, mostly passing through dunes and lookout points. We stopped to pick blackberries on the side of the road- our healthy snack.

I kept chaffing and rubbing Vaseline all over my body—we had to constantly stop to do that because of the heat. We left Michael in Depot Bay with his friend and kept going until Ruth and Rob left me in Newport with Vinnie and Dani, the American couple we met at Cannon Beach. They had forgotten their charger back in Cannon Beach, and I had promised I would deliver it to them.

Vinnie and Dani bought me dinner to say thanks, and we stayed at a Thousand Trails campsite after climbing some killer hills right after dinner. It was all worth it because we were able to make a fire, share stories, and have a heart to heart.

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