Day 15: Port Orford to Brookings

Port Orford provided us with free camping (on a cliff, where we precariously pitched our tent). After a few stares from strangers, we were finally warned that the morning wind would blow us away. Apparently the wind was so strong it had knocked over an RV (although I’m not sure if I believe that). We slept there anyways, but I decided to pack up super early to beat the wind and grab a coffee. My phone hadn’t been charged in days, and I wanted to relax and catch up with the world.

On the way to the cafe I met a transplant from Minnesota that now lives in Port Orford, and we had breakfast together. He caught me up on the Port Orford insider scoop: the “land grab”, the diverse underground music scene, and the battle against vacation homes.

I was particularly interested in the “land grab” because I had been seeing signs for it since northern Washington. After speaking with people in Washington, the turnover of land seemed favorable to land conservation and preservation. However, my Port Orford informant also told me that a lot of land was being seized for development or pipeline construction.

Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor

After having a long chat over breakfast, we exchanged emails (because he didn’t have a phone), and I headed towards Brookings. My two main stops for the day would be Gold Beach and Samuel H. Boardman State Park. I enjoyed the ride to Gold Beach and, once again, saw hikers on the 101. I quickly realized that Gold Beach was a bit dodgy, with a lot of wanderers and people that were way too interested in my cycling gear. After a brief stop I continued south and hoped to meet up with Ruth and Rob again eventually.

I spent a large chunk of the day at Samuel H. Boardman State Park, which has the most beautiful coastal scenery in all of Oregon and is bike accessible. I did a couple of hikes, only to realize how sore my muscles were.

When I got to Brookings my body was pretty much collapsing from heat exhaustion, so I grabbed a motel room to recover.

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