Day 24: San Francisco/Oakland to Pacifica

I ended up heading south to Pacifica to stay with a friend for a few days. My knee bothered me immensely, so much that I could barely move and went to buy a brace. I learned that the knee injury was probably due to not having low enough gears, like the ones you find on a proper touring bike.

I used these days to reflect on the trip and the kindness of the people that I met. The seasoned cyclists with their touring stories, finding stickers that other cyclists had left places to motivate us, people stopping to congratulate me on my journey, people offering us places to stay or advice, people buying us food, and people offering to help in precarious situations.

I’m so proud of this experience. I’ve traveled the world, lived in the Amazon, and been on trips throughout the USA, but this trip by far takes the cake. I truly cannot wait to continue cycle touring. A few trips on my bucket list are: Lisbon to Istanbul, The Transamerica Trail, and The Great Divide. What a joy it is to live life to its fullest.

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