Travel Planning Services

Do you want to learn my secrets to sustaining a nomadic lifestyle? Not sure what kind of experience you’re looking for? Curious about the costs associated with becoming a lifestyle traveler or expat?

Now is the perfect time to begin planning your next big trip or vacation to Latin America. I can help you save hundreds of dollars, if not more, with my services.

I offer unique travel planning services that will support you during your next lifestyle transition or vacation. As an experienced traveler of Central and South America, I will help you navigate the nuances of planning responsible, eco-friendly tourism in Latin America.

My services cater to those that want to participate in sustainable tourism. To give you an idea, sustainable tourism could involve: living with host families, language school, agrotourism, “backpacking”, and other community based tourism. By opting for sustainable tourism you will directly benefit communities, experience local culture, and cut your vacation costs.

I provide an affordable and comprehensive service so that we can make a plan that fits your needs. I even offer a free “goal planning” consultation so that we can brainstorm your next trip together.

Book your first FREE consultation below!

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